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Film with warmth

The creation of a movie begins long before I press the record button on my film camera. It's essential for me to grasp a deep understanding of what my client truly envisions. What kind of emotions and impressions do we aim to evoke in our target audience as they watch the final production?

I had the privilege of collaborating with BEWI on their employer brand journey for a little over a year. Our approach to this project serves as a prime example of how we tackled the challenges at hand and initiated the production of content that could pave the way for a new direction for their brand.

Employer Branding
BEWI Netherlands - Employer Branding
BEWI Denmark - Employer Branding
Arlanda Eatery Garden
Arlanda Pizzafilm
Jesus Christ Superstar
Bedros Kabranian_Bake_Eatery
Sofia Henriksson för Eatery
Lancelot Förlåt 2023

This film project constituted a pivotal component of a broader initiative, with a primary focus on enhancing Employer Branding. The client's objective was to fortify its market position and enhance its appeal to prospective employees. The challenge lay in retaining and attracting top-tier talent while maintaining an aggressive growth strategy.

In collaborative workshops with the global HR management team, we devised a strategy tailored to the unique needs of each country, effectively addressing a spectrum of concrete issues and challenges. Among the identified tasks, one shone brightly - the task of visualizing the core culture and values of the company.

We engaged with select individuals within the organization who could effectively convey a resounding message, creating a visual framework for showcasing these values, primarily on social media platforms, notably LinkedIn. Below, you'll find an illustrative example of how this endeavor materialized. 

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